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Pranay Sambaraju




“The product was well designed and very user-friendly. One of my kid's classmates mom recommended it to me and I was intrigued. My dog aways as problems with staying still when going out so this was so helpful for me to be able to keep track of. Plus an added bonus: It looks cute on Buster! Overall a 20/10, will buy for my all my friends who have a dog

Proud Caretaker of Buster




Peace of mind

I was a little skeptical when I first got the tag. I started inputting the information and ran into a snag. An email to the company brought a quick response and an answer to my questions. I was sold and finished the data. Tried tracking my pet from a friends phone and it worked great! Bought one for my other dog and my friends!

Proud Caretaker of Bella and Molly

Jade B



Product review

I saw this on tiktok and just had to get one. I love the concept and it’s a great price. I received my PetCode today! Easy set up. I hope I never have to use it but it gives me a peace of mind. I’m happy to join the PetCode Pack!

Proud Caretaker of Sophie

Marianne Al



You can't beat the price!

Overall good product – fit's perfectly on my pet's collar and looks stylish and sleek. I gave it 4 stars because sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to scan the tag, but you can't beat the ~$20 price!

Proud Caretaker of Brody

Nicola Cadenas



Love It!

We are loving our PetCode tag. It is beautiful and functional, and I feel reassured to have all that information handy. Should Marley ever get lost, it will be much easier for someone to scan his tag and I love all the information that we can include. I ended up buying 5 more tags to share with Marley's neighborhood friends. Thank you PetCode!

Proud Caretaker of Marley

Annie Lemus



You won't regret it!

Super easy to set up. Won’t be going back to metal tags ever again! I’m so thrilled with the way it looks, the design of the app, and the quality of the tag. I set everything up in less than 15 minutes and was so pleased with all the features on this app!

Proud Caretaker of Barkley

Elena Vasi



Security with a single tag

We love this product. The whole family takes care of our dogs: Terry, Scotty, and Luna. We feel so secure now that all their personal information is stored on their tags. If ever one of our dogs should get lost, we know that PetCode has our back. We’ve even emailed them a few times, and their support is always so responsive and kind.

Proud Caretaker of Terry, Scotty, and Luna

John McCauley



great idea

I love this concept. It’s the best, smartest tag I have used so far. My cat recently got lost and within a few minutes of losing her, I got a call and had a scan location on my map. I’ve never been more relieved to have a PetCode tag.

Proud Caretaker of Jack

Doug Carnelli



These tags are amazing

I saw these guys on ABC and as soon as the news was over, I went over to my computer and ordered 3 of these tags. I’ve had this tag for just three months, and I can honestly say that these are unmatched. No tag lets me store as much information, update it, and keep track of my pet’s life the way these tags can.

Proud Caretaker of Marcus and Stanley

Irene Chang



wholesome product! :)

The product was well packaged when it came and the set up process was smooth, with the steps clearly explained on the back of the package. The webpage and app were also very easy to use and navigate. The color of the tag fits well with almost any color. It looks cute on Momo! Overall a 10/10, will buy for my future pets :)

Proud Caretaker of Momo

Felicity Wu



Peace of Mind for just $16.99!

Jasper’s a hyper dog, and we’re always afraid that he might escape the house. Having this tag on him means we can find him easily if he does. I’m also thrilled that I can fit both mine and my husband’s cell phone numbers in the contact info for extra security.

Proud Caretaker of Jasper

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