Otto Premium – The Safety Net for all Pet Owners

Meet Otto Premium:

The Safety Net for all Pet Owners

With Otto Premium, increase your chances of reuniting with your lost pet

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Included FreePremium
Online Pet Profile with Multiple Points of Contact
View GPS Locations of Tag Scans
Notify Nearby Shelters and Otto Owners of Lost Pets
Automatically Retrieve Vaccination History
Auto-generated Lost Pet Posters

Lost Pet Alerts

Images of two pet shelters with a card showing a lost pet's information superimposed over the two images

Lost Pet Alerts

Send your pet’s information to shelters within 50 miles of your pet’s last known location

Send your pet’s information to all Otto parents within a 5 mile radius of your pet’s last known location

“My dog got lost at my brother’s wedding and we only realized after a few hours. We had all the guests split up and look for her, even in nearby buildings and shelters. Turns out, she was at a shelter almost 8 miles away when we finally found her. When I saw that Otto was offering shelter notifications, I knew I had to upgrade – if my pet gets lost again this will be a lifesaver.”

— George Park

Shelter Donations

100% of all proceeds go straight back to your shelter when you upgrade to Premium.

Did you get your Otto tag from a shelter?

If you recieved your tag when you adopted your pet from a participating shelter, we’ll donate 100% of the proceeds to your shelter when you upgrade to Premium.

Lost Pet Alerts

A lost pet poster generated by Otto taped onto a pole

Get Straight to Searching

Lost Pet Posters

Don’t waste time making lost pet posters. With Premium, Otto will auto-generate a poster with your pet’s information

Store Everything Quickly

Automatically Retrieve Vaccination History

Otto will automatically retrieve your pet’s vaccination history from your veterinarian

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