Pet Parenthood Made Simple

Safety, health, and happiness all in one place. Because your pup deserves the best.

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The App + The QR Tag

Our mobile app and QR pet tag work together to manage all aspects of your pup’s life, leaving you to focus on loving every moment with them.

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The App

The App

Store and Retrieve Vaccinations
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Store and Retrieve Vaccinations

Never lose track of your pet’s important health info by storing key immunization records for access anytime, anywhere.

The Tag

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Your Pet’s Customized Profile

If your pet suddenly goes missing, anyone can scan their QR tag to view your contact information. Quickly update info from the Otto app.

Durable Epoxy Tag

Our tags are made from strong epoxy, making them scratch and fade resistant. Oh, and they are also completely waterproof!

Become the Best Pet Parent Ever

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Lost Pet Alerts

Notify nearby Otto users and animal shelters with your lost pet’s information.

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Health + Safety Automations

Automatically retrieve vaccination history from your vet and quickly generate lost pet posters.

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Shelter Donations

Give back to participating shelter when you upgrade to premium.

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Pet Parenthood Made Simple

Because your pet deserves the best.